Why Work Orders?

Work orders make planning visual and improve communication; plus it helps us remember why we authorized the work in the first place. Even better, you’ll be able to catch mistakes on timesheets, invoices, and payments - as farmers ourselves, we know every penny counts.

Quick Setup

As a grower you don’t have time to set up new software, we’ve made sure that you can get going with the bare minimum in no more than 30 minutes. Also, feel free to schedule a one-on-one onboarding session with one of our grower assistants.

Work Orders

Acre Cloud currently gives you two types of work orders: contract labor and on-farm. Use on-farm work orders to schedule staff, equipment, track work notes, and assign expenses. Plus, we’ll convert everything into Cost Per Acre.

Track Expenses

Growers, farm managers, and other agricultural staff need to see how much work is costing. We allow expenses to be updated and assigned to work orders so that management can make informed cost adjustments live and on the go.

Labor Work Orders

Contract labor is extremely difficult and risky to deal with. Our labor oriented work orders help you stay compliant with state and federal laws, without drastically changing the current way you work - we actually make it easier.

A faster way to do
just about anything

Our labor work orders make sure that work instructions are understood and also reduce clerical errors that can lead to thousands of dollars in overpayments. These labor work orders communicate to farm labor employees their, wage type, pay, wage order, workers compensation, and other joint employment details - keeping you out of Cal/OSHA’s crosshairs.

Joint employeer?
No problem.

Our labor work orders include all the information required to fulfill your duties as a joint employer. All work orders, not just our labor oriented work orders, communicate information that the state and federal government requires, plus we make sure that Heat Illness, Injury and Illness prevention, and Food Safety policies appear on all work orders.

Tight on labor?
We have you covered.

Search our Labor Marketplace and find qualified farm labor contractors that have been verified, rated by fellow growers, and are immediately available to start accepting work orders. We verify that farm labor contractors in our labor marketplace are verified on a monthly basis. Verification includes, state and federal labor contractor licenses, taxes owed, workers compensation, general liability insurance, bond, and county registration certificates.

Farm Labor Contractors

We haven’t forgot about you. As an integral part of the agricultural industry we want to help you grow honestly, efficiently, and in knowledge. Acre Cloud allows you to visualize your labor from anywhere, so that you can make business decisions on the go. Plus, we’ll put you in front of hundreds of growers at no extra cost - marketing genius.

What do people say about us?

We’ll this is interesting. We don’t have any testimonials yet because, well, we just survived HARVEST! Plus, growers like yourself, don’t have time for this kind of stuff. But, since our marketing team is very persistent, we’ll make sure to update this section over the next couple of months.

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